Vishram is a word in Sanskrit, that means ‘Take a break’. For more than 10 years I have worked with Hatha Yoga – a traditional form of yoga that can be practiced without prior experience, and without being ‘top-trained’. An effective way to treat stress and prevent burnout, at work as well as in everyday life. If you want to ‘spice up’ your conference with a yoga session? Or maybe create a yoga event at your workplace? Contact me, and we can together deseign a concept that fits your needs.


On this page, you can also learn about Vishram Oil Light. A new invention that will definitely make your home cozier. A good option if you want to avoid petroleum-based candles. Or tea lights that’s environmentally destructive. Read more about the subject here  …and here  …and here  ...and here

Besides Oil Lights, my web shop offers a selection of yoga products of good quality to reasonable price; Yoga mats, yoga straps, yoga blocks, pallets for meditation, yoga bags, books, etc. Customers outside Sweden are recommended to send a mail first, so I can calculate a shipping price.

Contact me by mail or by phone, if you have any questions. Since this page also is a blog, you’re more than welcome to make a post.

Have a great day…


Jan-Olof Sandgren
Vishram AB